Canterbury farm keeps daffodil blooming

Ever wondered where all the fresh daffodils come from for Daffodil Day??? 

The Chamberlains grow daffodils for the Cancer Society's daffodil day, producing 35,000 bunches this year.

Chamberlain says the enduring appeal of daffodils is that they are, "a sign of hope". 

They are also a cost-effective treat that brings a little joy into people's lives. 

Hadstock Farm near Springston has been in the Chamberlain family since 1878. They've been growing daffodils here for more than 50 years, so it's safe to say they know everything there is to know about this perennially popular flower and symbol of springtime. The Canterbury farm opens its gates to the public once a year. Here, you can stroll through a sea of sunshine and for just $10, fill a bucket with golden cheer. 

Watch Country Calendar next Sunday 10th November to see John Chamberlain from Hadstock Farm share his story.