Cavalcade for Cancer

Team Cavalry for Cancer (aka Jo Barrett, Linda Sevier, Sharon Mehlhopt & Nick Sonne) recently completed the Goldfields Cavalcade on horseback raising funds and awareness for Cancer Society.

Such an amazing effort and we really appreciate your fantastic support.

Here’s some highlights from Jo Barrett:

 Cavalcade Day 1:

7 hours riding high above Clyde in the Cairnmuir Ranges. Dave, (Jo’s horse) even developed two heads in the fresh Otago air! A great day with Team Cavalry For Cancer, rounded off with a quiet "fanta". 

 Cavalcade Day 2:

A great day riding, in the saddle 6 hours today. Dave didn't put a foot wrong. "McLeods Mares" below, have now raised $3248.00 for the The Cancer Society of NZ Canterbury-West Coast keep it rolling in folks!

Cavalcade Day 3:

Overcast, heavy rain, 14°. No photos today too busy hanging on to Dave hoping he'd be in self preservation mode on the side of a ravine running along an echoing pipeline - very precarious but he got us through it. Got back to camp literary inhaled a sausage (yes inappropriate), choked & needed Heimlich Manoeuvre thanks Linda Sevier you're literally a life saver! What a day... Current donations to The Cancer Society of NZ Canterbury-West Coast are $3324.00 nice one.

Cavalcade Day 5:

Dave's been sporting a bandage on his front right knee since Day 1. Was from a nasty kick (in 1st 20 mins) resulting in cellulitis. Alexandra vet brilliant & grateful to team mates Sharon Mehlhopt Linda Sevier & Nick Sonne able to give his daily injectable meds, advise, supply dressings & dress wound. Made the call to stand him down today & see how he is for last day tomorrow. A shame but the right thing to do for him. Thanks Teresa Hoult for Tuff Rock poultice you can see its come in handy. Ironically my dog Thor, has gone out in sympathy so thanks also to Billy King & Anna King for getting him to the vet & nursing him. Never dull in my world! Funds raised for The Cancer Society of NZ Canterbury-West Coast just over $3500.00

Cavalcade Day 6:

Our 1st Cavalcade & mission is complete in Hawea.Team Cavalry For Cancer has raised $4500.00, am so pleased was hopeful we might raise $1000.00 so it's incredible we have raised close to $5000.00 for the The Cancer Society of NZ Canterbury-West Coast.

Thanks everyone for your support. Dave is a gutsy horse, we've learnt so much about each other along the way all with team mates Linda Sevier Nick Sonne & Sharon Mehlhopt & their great horses. Don't feel as perky as Nicole Kidman in "Australia" but maybe there's a Hugh Jackman or a Southern Man going to be at the Hoedown tonight - ever the optimist me!