Limit Zero 24-hour exercise for Cancer Society

A Christchurch-based personal training company has raised nearly $4000 and encouraged more than 150 people to exercise over a 24-hour period as part of their annual charity circuit.

 It’s the fifth year Limit Zero has run the circuit, and this year also set new achievements including owner Blair Williamson and three other teams exercising non-stop for 24 hours.

 The event involves a 15-minute circuit running non-stop for 24 hours with people encouraged to take part all through the night for as many circuits as possible. Each participant donates a minimum of $10 to the Cancer Society.

 “This year we had a huge amount of people through the doors from 5pm Friday 30 October until 5pm Saturday 31 October – 154 in total – even in the small hours of the morning,” says Limit Zero owner Blair Williamson.

 “This year we raised $4,000 for the Cancer Society, taking the total we’ve raised for the charity to $11,000 over the five years the event has been going. I’m really proud of this,” Mr Williamson says.

 This year Blair also completed every circuit in the 24-hour event, a major achievement.

 “Exercising non-stop for 24 hours is not easy, and I’m so proud I was able to meet my aim of completing every one of the 96 circuits.

 Each circuit involves a mix of upper and lower body weight and cardio exercises and has two one-minute rest breaks in every 15 minute session.

 “I was able to use those rest breaks to refuel and take very short comfort breaks,” says Mr Williamson.

 “When the clock struck 5pm on Saturday I was quite overwhelmed – I felt relieved, happy, sore and amazed I had completed the challenge I set for myself. I had a huge amount of support from other participants throughout the 24 hours, especially to get me through the last few circuits.

 There were three other teams who completed the 96 circuits, with team members tagging in and out throughout the night.

 “I’d like to say a huge thank you to all those 154 people who got involved this year. Well done on completing the circuits and supporting a fantastic charity.”


 For more information contact Blair on 021546480 or email