Make It Count

The Cancer Society are proud to host the Make it Count, Resilience and Wellbeing Presentation.

We have three inspirational speakers:

Jake Bailey: The ex-Christurch Boys’ High School senior monitor, whose end of year speech made worldwide headlines after going viral in 2015. A week before he was due to deliver this speech, Jake fell ill and was diagnosed with Burkitt’s
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, the fastest growing cancer known to man. Jake was given two weeks to live if this was left untreated. He persevered through to make his speech to his school and the video of this went on to touch the hearts of millions and draw support from around the globe. 
Since being announced in remission in January 2016, Jake has gone on to share his experiences, his story, and the things he has learnt which have given him clarity throughout his journey, in the hopes of helping others facing difficulties.
Jake would be the first to tell you that nothing in life is certain, but one thing quite categorically is: Jake Bailey has a gift for making us want to be better human beings,simply by telling his story.

Julie Zarifeh: Resilience is a frequently used, but in reality, little understood term. Julie Zarifeh is a clinical psychologist with professional and personal experience of the need for resilience in our lives. She will share her extensive knowledge on the topic, combining academic insights with personal experiences gleaned from living through the Christchurch earthquakes and navigating personal tragedy.
Her talk is insightful, inspirational and, above all practical, as she translates key research findings helping us all navigate challenge and change more effectively.

Josh Komen:  Two time leukemia survivor, author and speaker based in Greymouth, New Zealand.A one-time Kiwi Commonwealth Games runner has penned a moving book on his race for life.After eight years of battling cancer, and a myriad of other health problems, a much happier Komen has written a book about his journey to hell and back, titled The Wind at my Back.

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