New initiative benefits patients

Over the next year a pilot project will commence within the Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service. The Cancer Society of New Zealand, Canterbury-West Coast Division and our co-sponsor and provider Naturally Pure NZ, will provide one 500ml drink bottle of water, for every new outpatient receiving a course of Radiation Therapy or Chemotherapy, over the next 12 months.

The aim of this project is to increase patient’s awareness of hydration and to improve education and information requirements for patients receiving a course of Radiation in which bladder filling requirements are needed. In the coming weeks our newly updated information booklet on practical advice for a dry mouth will be released. The use of a water bottle will be valuable for patients requiring fluid consumption and will have a measurement gauge as part of the label to assist patients.

The water bottles can be cleaned and reused throughout treatment, and then recycled.

 The water bottles will be delivered weekly and kept in the ILC Cancer Society offices and within the Radiation Therapy department and distributed to Chemotherapy outpatients and Radiation Therapy planning.