Smokefree Outdoor Dining - the time is right

December marks the tenth anniversary of bars and restaurants becoming Smokefree.

Although the hospitality industry was initially cautious about the impact on businesses, “café culture” has thrived.
For outside eating venues the case is different, with diners and staff still exposed to the hazards of second hand smoke.

Around New Zealand some councils are now promoting Smokefree outdoor eating areas.
Although voluntary and non enforceable, these moves are supported by customers.

Recently Cancer Society and Heart Foundation staff and volunteers undertook a survey of businesses in Stafford Street Timaru.
The results are encouraging with a large number of the businesses interviewed saying that they were open to considering ideas for a
Smokefree Stafford Street.

The Cancer Society feels that the time is right for us to work in partnership alongside businesses, councils and other organisations;
such as the Heart Foundation to respond to public preferences and consider more Smokefree community spaces.