Clinical trials

There are many new and emerging treatments for cancer. There may be clinical trials available that you could join. Sometimes these trials give you access to better medications than would be available outside a study.


Trials are also used to test the effectiveness and side-effects of medications that have not been widely used so that they may be used in the future. You should discuss this with your cancer treatment team.


Clinical trials are a vital part of the search to find better treatments for cancer, to test new and modified treatments, and to see if they are better than existing treatments. In randomised clinical trials you will either receive the standard treatment currently available or the new treatment being tested.


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Many people all over the world have taken part in clinical trials that have improved cancer treatments, but not all medications tested in trials turn out to be helpful. If you are asked to take part in a clinical trial, make sure that you fully understand the reasons for the trial and what it means for your treatment. The decision to take part in a clinical trial is yours.


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