The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice and contributions:

Nicola Woollaston

Child Life Specialist and Hospital Play Specialist, Nelson. website:

Tricia Irving Hendry

Skylight Deputy Chief Executive, Wellington.

Lee Smith

Writer and Translator, Wellington.

Hanna Pickersgill

Canteen Patient Support/Member Liaison Coordinator, Wellington.

Associate Professor Chris Atkinson

Medical Director, Cancer Society of New Zealand; Chair, Cancer Control Council; Radiation Oncologist, St George’s Cancer Care Centre, Christchurch.

Counselling and Psychology Service Team, Cancer Society of New Zealand, Auckland Division

Phil Kerslake

Author of Life, Happiness… & Cancer, patient support advocate, and the Hutt Valley District Health Board’s General Manager of Human Resources.

Meg Biggs, Julie Holt, Michelle Gundersen-Reid

Cancer Information Nurses

Sarah Stacy Stacy-Baynes

Information Manager

Consumer reviewers

The Cancer Society wishes to acknowledge the input and expertise of our consumer reviewers


Cancer affects New Zealand from all walks of life, and all regions of our beautiful country. This cover photo of the beach and family in Eastbourne, Wellington was taken by Mark Coote. 

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