Dr Christopher Jackson

Medical Director of the Cancer Society of New Zealand and Medical Oncologist, Southern District Health Board

Vicky Beban

Clinical Nurse Specialist – Stomal Therapy for Hutt Valley District Health Board

Clare Greensmith

National Clinical Lead, Cancer Psychological and Social Support

Leena St Martin

Clinical Psychologist

Jill Wood

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Auckland District Health Board

Julie Holt, Rebekah Irwin, Viv Williams

Cancer Society Supportive Care staff

Hypatia Stacy-Baynes

Communications Officer

The Cancer Society thanks the people who have reviewed this booklet and offered many valuable suggestions. The reviewers include specialists and people who have experienced cancer.

Our thanks also go to Drew Hadwen and the reviewers who contributed to this information. Their feedback has helped to make this resource inclusive. We also thank the Cancer Society volunteers who agreed to be photographed for our information. Some of the material in this resource is based on information published by Cancer Council Victoria (Australia). The Cancer Society of New Zealand acknowledges its assistance.


The Cancer Society would like to thank Tio Leota for his photography.

Cover photo was taken by Rob Suisted.