Donate via your pay

Donating through your pay (Payroll giving) allows you to directly support patients and families going through cancer by making a regular donation that is automatically deducted from your pay.

It’s efficient …your donation is taken out of your pay before it goes into your bank account. If you give more than $5 you will receive a third of your donation as an immediate tax rebate – there is no need to wait until the end of the year to fill-in a tax form.

Example: If you want the Cancer Society to receive a $30 donation from you, you will only see a $20 reduction in your take home paydonate via your pay (the additional $10 is the tax portion).

The Cancer Society benefits from the full $30 but the donation only costs you $20.

It’s easy…you choose an amount that suits you and you can start, stop or change the amount of your donation at any time. Your employer deducts your donation directly from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the appropriate amount and then forwards the donation to Cancer Society.

Get started.. Talk to your employer about payroll giving – it may already be available where you work. If it is follow these simple steps.

If not, it is straightforward for your company to set up - for more information click here or email or call on (03) 379 5835