Volunteer Stories


"I volunteer because cancer has touched my family.  I feel so lucky that I can give my time & energy.  I help with catering for groups at the centre and I enjoy tidying gardens for people when they are too sick to do it themselves.  It is a wonderful rewarding feeling and I enjoy it."  Trish Corbett



Peter & Daphne


"We volunteer for the Cancer Society, by driving to Christchurch, transporting people to oncology appointments.  Some people have no way of getting to appointments.  It's very satisfying and we meet some lovely people."  Peter & Daphne O'Neill



Barbara Lord


"I have been a reception volunteer for about 16 years.  I like volunteering because I always go home feeling really good.  I love it and I get to meet cool people." Barbara Lord




Brian Hanrahan


"I volunteer as a driver transporting people to oncology and treatment appointments.  I just love helping people" Brian Hanrahan




Helen & Karen


"Daffodil Day celebrates an institution that touches us all.  Whether telephoning companies to elicit support or collecting at The Colombo on the "big day", it is a pleasure to experience so much support and positivity from the general public - and we have so much fun! Volunteering for a wonderful cause made wonderfully easy!" Helen Crick & Karen Hann


Mal Trewavas


"I volunteer to make a small difference in people's lives"  Mal Trewavas




Faye Ruddenklau


"I volunteer because having had breast cancer 20 years ago, I am a survivor and its so good to be positive for others going through the same journey." Faye Ruddenklau




Fred Kelly


"I volunteer by visiting people in the community.  I drop off baking and visit people the Cancer Society is supporting, sometimes I might be the only person they see all day.  I enjoy people and its great to be able to help." Fred Kelly



Marion Radcliffe


"I have been making turbans and beanies since 2011 and have made thousands over the years.  I love hearing that people feel better by wearing them" Marion Radcliffe




Cliff Dynes


"I've lost two wives to cancer and I've had it myself.  I'm lucky because I can talk with people about it.....because I've worn those shoes, I understand what they are going through." 
Cliff Dynes



Sally Hall
"I am a cancer survivor and have been involved as a volunteer with the Cancer Society for nearly 15 years.  I come into Daffodil House on Tuesdays to put on a morning tea for the patients, I do the baking and make the relishes.  I love being a volunteer because I love meeting everybody and hopefully I can make people's lives a bit brighter, every little contribution helps." Sally Hall


Arthur Bartlett



"I volunteer for the Cancer Society driving service.  
Somebody did it for me and its a way I can give back." Arthur Bartlett




Amy Raynor
"I have been volunteering since 2011 completing the Bronze, Silver & Gold service as part of Duke of Edinburgh Award and twice been a Relay For Life team captain.  I do all sorts of things such as cleaning the car, helping with Daffodil Day/Relay For Life preparation and clean up, admin tasks, cutting out turban patterns, anything really.  I volunteer because I really enjoy helping and knowing I make a difference." Amy Rayner