Relaxation and meditation

Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are known to encourage physical relaxation, deeper breathing and a sense of peacefulness and calm.

We welcome you, your family and whanau to join us in learning meditation techniques that can become a part of your daily routine and support you in the ways you approach your own health and wellness.

The sessions are held twice monthly at the Cancer Society Centre, 97 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch

Download the August to December 2019 programme here


Click on the links below to download your free copy of the Relax CD, track by track. When practised regularly, these exercises can enhance emotional and physical wellbeing.

Track 1 - Why do relaxation 

Track 2 - Abdominal breathing

Track 3 - Awareness of breathing

Track 4 - Progressive muscle relaxation

Track 5 - Body scan

Track 6 - Leaves on a river

Track 7 - Tree visualisation

Track 8 - Peaceful Place