Tobacco control NZ

To combat the harms from smoking, New Zealand has a well-established, multi-faceted tobacco control programme. The overarching purpose of New Zealand’s tobacco control policy is to ultimately reduce smoking prevalence in New Zealand. The Government has stated its desire that New Zealand be essentially smokefree by 2025. 

The work of the tobacco control sector also supports New Zealand to meet international commitments and obligations under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (the FCTC).

 Some of the current campaign are listed below:

This legislation would prevent tobacco company promotion and advertising from occurring on tobacco products and tobacco product packaging, to: 

  • reduce the appeal of smoking, particularly for young people
  • reduce the social approval of tobacco use
  • increase the noticeability and effectiveness of health warnings
  • reduce the likelihood that consumers may be influenced or misled about the harms of tobacco products.

This legislation has already had its first reading in Parliament, and been approved by the Health Select Committee. It is now waiting for its second reading.

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Past campaigns have been

  • Smokefree indoor areas, pubs, bars, restaurants (SFEA)  
  • Retailers removal of tobacco products from visible display
  • Smokefree schools