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  • Suggested websites

    cancer information / cancer types / prostate cancer / suggested websites

    The following websites also have information on prostate cancer and support: Cancer Council Australia:[] Cancer Research United Kingdom:[] Continence NZ:[]...

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  • 2500 more Kiwis would have survived cancer if they lived in Australia

    about us / news and media / news / 2500 more kiwis would have survived cancer if they lived in australia

    *MEDIA RELEASE* You are more likely to survive cancer if you live in Australia than New Zealand. The Cancer Society have reviewed the numbers and over 5 years,...

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  • Cancer Society critical of Pharmac saying they 'lack accountability, lack transparency, are slow'

    national office / national news page 2 / breaking page 22

    cj access Pharmac "lack accountability, lack transparency, are slow", in delivering pharmaceutical drugs to New Zealanders who need them according to the Cancer Society. This morning...

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  • Suggestions that may help with sexual problems caused by cancer and its treatment

    cancer information / living with cancer / sex and cancer / suggestions that may help with sexual problems caused by cancer and its treatment

    Help with body image problems Body image is the mental picture you have of the way you look. This image may not be how your body actually...

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  • Other tests

    cancer information / cancer types / prostate cancer / other tests

    If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, your treatment team may recommend other tests. These may include a bone scan, CT (computerised tomography) scan, MRI (magnetic...

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  • Advocacy

    national office / our work / advocacy

    The Cancer Society of New Zealand is a non-profit organisation which receives no direct financial support from Government. This ensures we can inform and lobby the...

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  • Internal radiation — brachytherapy

    cancer information / treatment / radiation treatment / internal radiation brachytherapy

    Internal radiation (also known as brachytherapy) involves placing radioactive seeds or wires, such as caesium, iridium, or iodine into the body close to the cancer. Why is...

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  • Brief information about radiation treatment

    cancer information / treatment / brief information about radiation treatment

    This information will provide you with information about radiation treatment and the support and information your doctors, nurses and the Cancer Society can offer you. We...

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  • What happens when I have treatment?

    cancer information / treatment / radiation treatment / your experience of radiation treatment

    This section explains what happens during radiation treatment with either external or internal radiation treatment. External radiation treatment The machine you are treated with will depend on the...

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  • Library

    how we can help / looking for answers / library

    The Cancer Society has an excellent free lending library with books, videos, DVDs and CDs on cancer and its treatment. If access to the library is difficult,...

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