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  • Glossary: what does that word mean?

    cancer information / living with cancer / getting on with life after treatment / glossary what does that word mean

    Most of the words here are used in Getting on with life after treatment; others are words you are likely to hear used by doctors and...

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  • Making treatment decisions

    cancer information / cancer types / prostate cancer / making decisions about treatment

    *Your treatment team* From the time that you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may be cared for by one or more of a team of...

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  • Who we fund

    national office / our work / research 2 / who we fund

    The Cancer Society is excited to fund the following researchers through the 2018 Research Grant Round. Read more about the researchers we support and their projects...

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  • Sexual anatomy and responses

    cancer information / living with cancer / sex and cancer / sexual anatomy and responses

    Even though sexuality is much more than sexual function or your ability to have sexual intercourse, it may be helpful to be reminded of the sexually...

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  • Problems with bladder and bowel control (incontinence)

    cancer information / living with cancer / sex and cancer / problems with bladder and bowel control incontinence

    Incontinence means poor bladder or bowel control and may also involve increased frequency and urgency without leakage from the bladder or bowel. Incontinence can be caused...

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