Jump for Cancer

The Cancer Society’s annual Jump for Cancer was held at Ashburton airfield on Saturday the 25th of November with perfect conditions for participants to make the jump.

This year 6 people completed the challenge, all raising well over $800 each. This year’s event had a wide variety of ages taking the plunge with 13 year old Ron to 88 year old George who successfully made the skydive.



"I lost my mother to ovarian cancer when I was 14 so I'm doing this for her! 
I also want to help support all those suffering through cancer whether it be themselves or someone they know."






"I am 13 and the youngest of three, or the '3rd Angel' of the family as mum used to say. I have lived 5 years of my life without your typical mother's love. My mum, unfortunately, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer when I was 6. She was definitely a fighter though as she still powered on for two years after that until she couldn't go no more. To this day, me and my dad would light up a candle right next to her photo just so she knows she's not forgotten. She would be proud to know that I can beat dad at a game of chess now, and can do my chores without hesitation. I've grown into a great young cheerful lad and grown stronger and helped Dad with cutting firewood to fundraise some money for my sister's university tuition fees."



The event was a great success and raised over $5000 for the Cancer Society to support those going through a cancer journey.

 Thank you so much to all those who supported the event. In particular Skydiving Kiwi’s who have working in partnership with us for the second year running to get the event off the ground.