Are cigars safer to smoke?

No, cigars are not safer to smoke than cigarettes. Cigars, depending upon their size, have more tobacco, nicotine, and tar than an average cigarette.

They have:

  • the same cancer causing chemicals as cigarettes
  • fermented tobacco, which contains higher levels of cancer causing chemicals as non-fermented cigarette tobacco
  • more tobacco, up to the same amount as in one whole pack of cigarettes
  • tobacco wrappers, instead of paper like cigarettes – tobacco wrappers keep down the burning temperature when lit, holding in more toxins 
  • nicotine which dissolves in saliva along with cancer causing chemicals, so you’re exposed even if you don’t inhale the smoke


A man smokes a cigar


Cigars take longer to smoke, so your exposure to harmful chemicals is longer.

There is no safe way to smoke tobacco


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